8 Creative Ways to Use Your Dastony Spread

8 Creative Ways to Use Your Dastony Spread
While peanut and almond butter may forever reign supreme in the grocery store aisle, it doesn't mean they're the only option out there. In fact, there's an entire world of nut and seed butters to explore, and they happen to be just as delicious and versatile. Speaking of versatility, if your experience with nut butter ends with peanut butter in sandwiches and almond butter on toast, it's time to expand your mind. There are so many other ways to incorporate a plethora of nutritious nut and seed butters into your diet. Read on for ideas to get you started.

1. Clean, Plant-Based Milks

Are you sick of trying to find dairy alternatives at the store that don't involve loads of additives, canola oil, sugar, and gums? Stone ground nut butter to the rescue! Simply blend 1-2 TBS of your favorite Dastony nut butter with 8oz of pure water or coconut water and you've just made instant nut milk with just 2 ingredients and no funny business. Start with Sprouted Almond, Macadamia Nut, Brazil Nut, or Hazelnut butters for a deliciously creamy and flavorful nut milk. This can be used in coffee, as a base for smoothies, served over cereal, or simply drank by the glass.

2. Get Your Drizzle On   

A drizzle of nut butter makes just about anything better. The next time you're enjoying a yogurt bowl, smoothie bowl, smoothie, oatmeal, baked sweet potato, ice cream or dessert of any kind (we mean it, you can't go wrong ...) try drizzling your favorite nut or seed butter over the top. 

3. Get Saucy

We all know the importance of eating enough vegetables, especially dark leafy greens. These foods provide a wealth of trace minerals, phytonutrients, antioxidants, and detoxifying chlorophyll and fiber for balanced digestion. But they're not known for being the most palatable for all taste buds. Lucky for us, nut butters can help! Sesame Tahini, Sprouted Pumpkin Seed, Sprouted Almond and/or Hazelnut butters can be blended with ingredients like lemon, tamari, sesame oil, fresh garlic, ginger, cayenne, and maybe a touch of maple or a date (if you like it a little sweet) to create yummy dipping sauces and dressings. The naturally occurring fats in nut and seed butter helps to flavor balance the bitter nature of greens. 

4. But First ... Coffee

Ready to upgrade your coffee ritual? A warm superfood latte is the perfect way to go. Nut butter, specifically coconut butter, can be blended right into hot coffee or your favorite warm beverage of choice (think matcha or yerba mate) for a frothy latte-like effect. Coconut butter also has the side benefit of being rich in MCT oils (medium-chain-triglycerides) which help to boost the metabolism, give the body energy, and stave off hunger. 

5. Fast Food Done Right

It turns out, mother nature does deliver fast food. Pairing nut or seed butter with fresh fruit, dates (nature's candy!) carrot and celery sticks, or cucumber spheres are all extremely healthy and satisfying snacks full of the nutrition your body craves. Aside from making fresh fruits and veggies even more delicious, nut butters also provide plenty of healthy fats and protein to help keep blood sugar levels stabilized when you're eating fruit sugar.

6. Better than Butter

Looking to avoid butter, but still want to make that drool-worthy chocolate chip cookie recipe from your favorite blog? Grab your jar of Dastony coconut butter. Coconut butter can be used in most baked good recipes as a 1:1 dairy butter substitute - think cookies, cake, brownies, banana bread, muffins, and more. Note that when using it this way, it may alter the flavor of the recipe, giving it a subtle sweet coconut flavor.

7. Oh Fudge!

Do you have a serious sweet tooth? Knowing how to whip up healthy alternatives you can have on hand at all times can be a life saver when those late night cravings strike. Nut butters like almond, tahini and coconut make an amazing base for freezer fudge - simply combine one of them (or all 3) with raw cacao powder, a splash of vanilla and a sweetener of choice (think raw honey or maple syrup) then pour into a brownie pan or silicon mold, and let set in the fridge or freezer for a tasty treat.

8. Last But Not Least - Grab a Spoon

This one is pretty self explanatory. You don't need to be a chef in the kitchen to enjoy a variety of nut and seed butters - they're delicious eaten straight from the jar.

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