5 Reasons Why the Best Nut Butters are Raw, Organic, and Stone Ground

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the numerous nut butter options at the grocery store (or online) - not sure which is best? There's no doubt that this category has grown exponentially over the last decade - long gone are the days when the choice was very simple: crunchy or creamy, peanut or almond. 

While there may be many different flavors, blends, ingredients, and production techniques to choose from, not all deliver the same premium quality, taste, and nutrition value. So, which to choose? Here are 5 reasons why you might consider reaching for certified organic, raw, single-ingredient, and stone-ground nut butters if given the opportunity. Be sure to check out our new online shop *wink wink*!

Nourishment in a jar 

While many companies use the marketing term "natural" to describe their product the reality is often a bit of a different tale. Conventional nut butter production typically begins with roasted nuts processed under extreme heat. They are then ground in industrial-sized batches by gigantic machines using sharp metal blades. This method produces a lot of friction and subsequent heat, and the inevitable result is oxidation and nutrient destruction.

Nuts and seeds are naturally abundant in many valuable nutrients including vitamins, minerals, protein, and essential fatty acids. Many b-vitamins and fat-soluble vitamins such as Vitamin E are abundant in things like almonds and sunflower seeds, but are heat sensitive, as are delicate oils which can easily oxidize and go rancid. Extreme heat also affects the amino acids within nuts and seeds, making it harder for our bodies to digest and utilize them to build the protein we require. The answer to this dilemma? Go with butters ground at low temperatures and minimal friction, and no process achieves this quite like stone grinding!

The ancient art of stone grinding has come a long way since the age of mortar and pestle. Now mechanical grinders with heavy granite wheels can do all that hard labor, turning and churning nuts and seeds into rich and creamy butter over a period of 24-48 hours. Temperatures remain very low (room temperature), and all of that valuable nutrition remains intact.

Eat clean, feel good

If you pick up a jar of nut butter and read the label you might be surprised to find a list of not-so-wholesome ingredients. Cheap oils like palm or sunflower, salt, and yes even sugar, unfortunately, make their way into many brands' formulas. Surprisingly, even many organic brands will add oils and salt to their product.
Make sure your nut butter contains only 1 ingredient: nuts! All of that other stuff is simply added to cover up off-flavors, extend shelf life, and modify the consistency. In short, those ingredients are not about your health. 

Green and sustainable

By choosing organic you protect your body and the planet from chemicals such as harmful herbicides and pesticides along with genetically modified ingredients. While some may see organic as just another health "trend", it is actually the opposite of trendy - it's how food has been grown for centuries, long before chemical companies existed. Before the invention of glyphosate and GMO's, food was grown organically by default. And the planet and all the life she sustains was better off for it. By choosing organic you can rest easy that your body is being fed the nutrition that it needs without the risks associated with carcinogenic and immunosuppressant chemicals. And the animals and plants will be better off too.

That yummy yum

Stone ground nut butter made with truly raw, organic nuts and seeds tastes, well, amazing. There is a purity and complexity of flavor that really shines through when ingredients are minimally processed. You'll notice nuances of flavor within the nuts and seeds that you never knew existed. Did you know cashew, coconut, and pistachio butters are naturally quite sweet? No added sugar is needed.  To sum it up, the absolute difference in taste alone is reason enough to go with pure, raw, organic stone ground nut butter!

That texture tho 

Ever picked up a jar of nut butter only to put it back on the shelf perplexed because half the jar was oil with the other half looking like a solid mass? How does one even begin to stir that up without a gigantic mess? (Hint: it's not possible). With low-temperature stone grinding, the result is a well-integrated, smooth, beyond-creamy texture that requires minimal, if any, stirring beforehand. And the texture is perfect for drizzling, spooning and spreading over all of your favorite meals and treats. 

Nut butters offer us a wonderful supply of both energy and nutrients in a highly convenient and delicious medium. Not only that but they can be used to enhance so many different recipes from smoothies and desserts to sauces and dressings. Give raw, organic, and stone ground nut butters a try! You'll never go back. ; ) 

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