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Warming Raw Carrot Ginger Soup

Posted in Soups on 2018-05-24
Warming Raw Carrot Ginger Soup
Difficulty 5 minutes Serves 2

Craving a little pre-summer cleanse? While juice cleansing is a great option, the idea of drinking only juice and water for any length of time can cause many to shy away. The truth is, going raw for a week or longer can have a deeply positive impact on our health and is very supportive of our body's natural ability to detox itself. This warming raw soup by Juli Novotny of Pure Kitchen is abundant in the hydration, minerals, vitamins, enzymes and other nutrients your body needs to detox naturally, and yet it's more filling and satisfying than a juice. And it's perfect for those who prefer their soups to have a hefty kick of heat!


10-12 oz fresh pressed carrot juice

pinch sea salt

1/2 small jalapeño, sliced and chopped

2 cloves raw garlic, pressed

1-inch piece of fresh ginger root

A squeeze of fresh lemon and orange juice

1-2 Tbsp shallots, mined and chopped

1/4 avocado, sliced

garnish: fresh herbs, sprouts


1. In a high speed blender add all of the ingredients except for the avocado and the garnish.

2. Blend on low and then medium to high slowly. Blend for about 20 seconds until creamy and well combined. It might foam, but that's ok.

3. Add slices of avocado to each bowl and top with fresh herbs and sprouts. 

About The Chef

Juli Novotny of Pure Kitchen

Want to go plant-based? Test a few of my recipes; You'll be wanting more, I just know it. My goals is to bring you some inspiration, motivation and tasty ideas.  If you're looking for a good cleanse (no calorie restriction or juicing) check out my 4-day raw vegan cleanse ebook and read the fabulous testimonials as well. It's one of my recommending readings when looking to start getting healthy and going plant-based. 

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