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Raw soups are simple to make, are full of nutrition, are easy on digestion, and add versatility to a raw-based diet. Get ready for your blender to become your best friend.
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  • Oil Free Celery Orange Salad Dressing

    Oil Free Celery Orange Salad Dressing

    Published: 10/31/2012 1:27 PM
    This was such a simple and delicious low-fat, raw vegan lunch that anyone can make. The best part about nori and dip is that you can mix and match with such a wide variety of ingredients that the possibilities are virtually endless. I like to make sure that I buy organic, raw nori rolls, available at most health food stores or online raw food stores.

    Oil Free Celery Orange Salad Dressing Recipe

    As a Holistic Nutritionist, I recommend to my clients to steer clear of all oils. They are 100% fat
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