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Oil Free Celery Orange Salad Dressing

Posted in Soups on 2012-10-31
Oil Free Celery Orange Salad Dressing
Difficulty 5 minutes Serves
This was such a simple and delicious low-fat, raw vegan lunch that anyone can make. The best part about nori and dip is that you can mix and match with such a wide variety of ingredients that the possibilities are virtually endless. I like to make sure that I buy organic, raw nori rolls, available at most health food stores or online raw food stores.

Oil Free Celery Orange Salad Dressing Recipe

As a Holistic Nutritionist, I recommend to my clients to steer clear of all oils. They are 100% fat


    3 Celery stalks
    1 -2 oranges
    1 cup of coconut water
    2 Tablespoons of hemp seed
    6 fresh basil leaves
    1 date


I just made a mix of dried garden herbs, mixed together and added a little of this as well. You can use a little herb seasoning to enhance the flavoring a little bit, but it doesn