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Cheeky Chocolate Smoothie

Cheeky Chocolate Smoothie
Difficulty 5 minutes Serves
We can't think of a more delicious and enjoyable way to get an antioxidant boost, a solid dose of blood and bone building minerals calcium, magneisum, and phosphorus, heart chakra activation, and an energy boost than with a generous helping of raw cacao. This smoothie by Bella and Bhakti features our favorite chocolatey superfood, along with a few other potent medicinal superfoods courtesy of Manna Blend. Feel free to sub in your own personal favorite superfood blend! Who knew that something as delicious as a chocolate shake could leave you feeling satisfied for hours? Even the kiddos will love it. ENJOY!


2 small frozen bananas


Blend well until very smooth and creamy. If you like you can add more liquid to your own desired consistency.

Pour into a glass, sprinkle with your favourite super foods  and enjoy the buzz!

*MANA blend is a mix of 11 of the most powerful super foods and medical plants on the planet! It is available in Health Food stores on online Otherwise you can use a combination of powders such as maca, lucuma, mesquite and super greens. Or, you can leave out if you want a simple, delicious choc banana smoothie!