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Who We Are

At DASTONY, we've mastered the art of stone grinding delicious nut and seed butters with 100% organic and raw ingredients. Nothing else on the market compares to the silky smooth texture and delicious flavor we are able to achieve through our slow, low temperature stone grinding technique, an ancient process originally used to separate olive oil from olives. Our signature butters have an incredibly silky texture that is perfect for drizzling and spreading on all of your favorite foods, both sweet and savory. We have a deep commitment to sourcing only the best raw ingredients - after-all, our butters don't have ingredients, they quite literally ARE ingredients. Always single ingredient, you'll never find added oils, salt, or sugar in our formulas. Our gentle stone grinding process ensures that vital heat sensitive nutrients, such as antioxidants and essential fatty acids, remain intact for your ultimate nourishment. 

The DASTONY line has expanded rapidly, now involving 11 unique flavors including several shelf-stable sprouted varieties. Browse the full range HERE.

Are you a buyer who's interested in stocking our line in your shop? Click HERE and apply for a wholesale account or call us at 1800 925 0577.

Are you a retail customer who would like to stock up on your favorite stone ground goodness? Click HERE to place your order on our retail site at Interested in a case discount? Call us at 1800 518 0727 and we're happy to help.

Enjoy the stone ground goodness and spread love!